TeSCA is a national organisation of construction lawyers, from the solicitors branch of the profession who have demonstrated skill.expertise, experience and high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice, or in the teaching of construction law, and who are dedicated to excellence in the specialised practice of construction law.

TeCSA strives to encourage higher standards and greater efficiency in the conduct of litigation in the Technology and Construction Court, and practise in arbitration, adjudication and ADR generally.

TeCSA’s consultative work, sponsorship of various research and educational programs, updates on developments in law and legislation, and written materials and resources for practitioners aims to promote a higher calibre of legal practice.

Our priority is to be providing a useful service for our visitors and serve as a reference point for those who want to know more about this area.

TeCSA also aims to enhance the camaraderie and professionalism among construction law and technology practitioners.

Caroline Pope

Chairman, TeCSA