While TeCSA has a strong legacy and tradition of excellence, it is incumbent on the Committee to consider how our organisation should evolve and adapt to continue to provide an excellent service to our current and future members.

It has been a very long time since the Committee engaged with members on the key issue of what you want from TeCSA. As I promised at last November's annual dinner, we would start our review by finding out what members thought of, and wanted, from TeCSA. We also sought feedback from some non-members to understand their views of TeCSA and what might we might do to appeal to them and as part of our desire for more transparency in what we do (echoed in what the survey results suggest you want), I want to share the feedback from the survey with you.

Madano, who independently conducted the survey, reported at the last committee meeting (successfully held on Zoom just before the lockdown was introduced), (you can view a copy of their report to the Committee here). It covers feedback from both online and telephone interviews carried out with both members and non-members. .

Can I thank all of our members who participated in the survey. The feedback has been most valuable and the Committee will work in the coming months to address the issues you have identified that we should focus on, including:

  • addressing the confusion over the eligibility criteria for membership;
  • further developing TeCSA's offering to non-contentious lawyers; and,
  • increasing our communication with you, through the web-site and email.

Please look out for further updates over the coming months and we look forward to your continued engagement.

Kind regards

Caroline Pope

Chairman of TeCSA