The Necessary Expertise

As England’s specialist court for all construction and technology disputes, the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) combines world-leading legal knowledge with state of the art premises in the Rolls Building in London, as well as several locations throughout the UK. A significant number of the cases in the TCC have either an overseas party or relate to an overseas project. The TCC judges have the necessary expertise to deal with these international elements. For this reason, it is not uncommon for international contracts to specify the TCC as the applicable dispute resolution forum.

In addition to the specialist legal expertise of the TCC judges, the following points make the TCC an ideal forum for international dispute resolution:

  • The TCC makes use of the latest technology including in-court video conferencing facilities, electronic presentation of evidence and a new electronic filing system.
  • The TCC judges favour electronic applications and telephone hearings where possible, minimising costs for parties located outside of the UK to be present at the court.
  • The TCC Guide is an easy to use and practical guide to the conduct of proceedings in the TCC.
  • While the duration of construction disputes continues to grow globally, recent statistics show that disputes in England take less time to resolve than in other parts of the world.
  • London’s established reputation as a leading international dispute resolution centre means international parties will have ready access to all the necessary litigation support they might require, including expert witnesses and translators.

The TCC deals with between 400-500 cases per year and recent statistics suggest that approximately 20% of cases had an international element.

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