TeCSA strongly supports the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques for the conclusion of construction and technology disputes.

ADR (including mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation) has now become an established part of the dispute resolution landscape and TeCSA recognises its use can lead to much more efficient resolution of disputes and significant savings of costs.

TeCSA is keen to promote the use of ADR and ensure that its members are fully aware of the available options and benefits. We have an ADR protocol and model forms, including a model mediation agreement.

TeCSA maintains strong links with other ADR providers and will aim to assist members in the selection of mediators.

TeCSA supports the initiatives of the TCC judges to promote its own ADR services as appropriate.

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Mediation Rules

This procedure has been incorporated into and forms part of the Mediation Agreement.

Model Mediation Agreement

The definitions in the Mediation Agreement apply to the Mediation Rules.

ADR Protocol

The purpose of the TeCSA ADR Protocol is to facilitate and encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution