Notice of intention to refer a dispute to adjudication

To: (Name of Responding Party)
(Address of Responding Party)

Dear Sir

(Reference )

We consider that a dispute or difference has arisen between as under:

(a) (Contract Name:)
(Contract Date:)
(Contract Location:)

(b) Included as Appendix A are the issues which the Adjudicator is being asked to decide

(c) Included as Appendix B are the details of the nature and extent of the redress sought.

We now give notice that we require this dispute or difference to be referred to adjudication.

To act as Adjudicator the following person(s)

has been named in the contract and has been sent a copy of this Notice
has/have agreed to act and is/are proposed for your consideration

Name(s) of Adjudicator(s)


Within 2 days of the date of this Notice the named Adjudicator has been requested to confirm he is able and willing to act you are required to agree in writing to the appointment failing which within a further 2 days the Technology and Construction Solicitors Association will be requested to nominate the Adjudicator.

Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of
(Referring Party)