How to apply to TeCSA to nominate an Adjudicator

***Notice*** Please ensure that you provide all requests for the Nomination of an Adjudicator in electronic form to the following email address -

Please complete the application form below. The fee for this nomination service is £350. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to complete the payment.

Please ensure you submit your nomination application form to TeCSA immediately after you have served your Notice of Adjudication. We aim to appoint an adjudicator within 5 days, and under the Construction Act a Referral Notice must generally be served on the Adjudicator and the other party within 7 days of the service of the Notice of Adjudication, otherwise the Adjudication may be invalid. As you cannot serve the Referral Notice until an Adjudicator has been appointed, and as the 5 day appointment time period includes weekends, time is tight. Furthermore, at TeCSA, all appointments are made by senior solicitors (either the Chairman or her designated deputies), and they not only need time to consider who should be appointed, but also need to check that they have no conflict of interest in making an appointment, and potential adjudicators also have to check for conflicts of interest too. Whilst this process is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is in the Referring Party’s interest to apply to TeCSA as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Application notes
  • TeCSA will make a nomination upon the application of any person using this form. The validity of the application will not be investigated.
  • In making this application the Applicant undertakes to meet the reasonable charges of the person nominated by TeCSA pursuant to this application should the adjudication not proceed.
  • If the validity of the application is challenged then the person appointed and the parties involved must resolve the challenge.
  • Neither TeCSA nor its servants or agents nor its members shall be liable to any party for an act omission or misconduct in connection with any nomination or appointment made or any adjudication conducted in consequence of this application.

1. Download and fill in application form
2. Upload application form and Notice of Adjudication

3. Submit your application

You are able to upload multiple attachments. If you wish to do this, please add them at the same time rather than selecting them individually and then seeking to upload another - please ensure file names are less than 110 characters before uploading.

Fee payment

Application fee is £350